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Why Choose Us

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To All of My Fellow Pet Owners,

I would like to first say thank you for all of the wonderful support that you have given us for the past twelve years here in Charlotte.  You place a great deal of trust in us with the care of your pet and we take that very seriously.  Our number one goal here at Continental Boarding is it to give your pet the best care possible. My wife is a veterinarian with over 24 years of experience as a private practice Veterinarian in Indian Land, SC as well as a former emergency veterinarian.  We understand your pet and what care is needed, be it a senior dog on medications, a diabetic pet or a twelve week old puppy that needs socialization in order to be a calmer, better adjusted dog.  We will give the care that is needed specifically for each and every one of our clients.

Our second goal is to provide superior value for our guests.  The trend today in pet boarding is the influx of large corporate entities (Pet Paradise, PetSuites, Camp Bow Wow etc,) into the Charlotte market and then dramatically increasing the rates that you pay while not increasing services or the level of care your pet receives.    Pet Paradise for example is now owned by a venture capital firm.  Do you want a venture capital firm taking care of your pet?  I do not.  I want to know who will be there and who I can call at any time I need something. That is who we are.  The others are franchise operations whose ownership is absent from day-to-day operations.  Not here at Continental.  You will find me in our kennels each and every day.  Me and my entire staff are all pet owners and understand that each and every one of our guests is the beloved pet of someone whose needs are specific and individual.  We treat your pet as if they were our pet.  It’s that simple.  We have built a trusted reputation by being open and available to our customers, providing the absolute best care for our boarding and daycare guests, having a one-of-a-kind facility, and charging a fair price for extraordinary care.

If you are considering us for your boarding or daycare needs we would love to see you at our facility any time we are open.  We believe in an open door policy and would love to give you a tour any time we are open.  Thank you for taking the time to care about where you pet will be staying while you are away.  I promise your pet will find Continental Boarding to be a loving and caring place for your pet.

Your Owners,

David Grindstaff


Dr. Lisa C Shaw